Choose A Leading Clinch Fastener Manufacturer

The benefits of clinch fasteners used in your operations are vast. Self-clinching fastener styles will instantly cut down assembly time and reduce the amount of individual loose parts that you need to use. At Normandy Fasteners, as one of the leading clinch fastener manufacturers in the UK, we’re able to provide you with an extensive variety of clinch fasteners, including bespoke styles.

Our service at Normandy Fasteners works to bring you everything you need. Whether you require a specific thread, no thread at all – so effectively a clear hole spacer or you want it in a certain material, our team can manufacture and deliver it to you.

The great thing about our bespoke clinch fastener manufacturing service is that we can create the ideal products no matter the job. When you send us your enquiry and the number of items you need us to create, we will give you an affordable quote for the job. With a minimum of 1000pcs per order, we’re able to adjust to the needs of small and large operations.

Utilising our range of steel zinc, stainless steel A2, A4 or 400 series and aluminium, we’ve got the materials and options to manufacture your ideal clinch fasteners.

To discover more about our standing as one of the best clinch fastener manufacturers in the UK, speak to our team today.