Choose Us As Your Provider Of Stainless-Steel Rivet Nuts

The benefits of using a stainless-steel rivet nut as opposed to any other form of nut or screw is that it can be accessed and anchored from one side alone. This allows for a finish that looks professional and provides a great solution for fastening in tube and blind side situations.

Our vast range of stainless-steel rivet nuts at Normandy Fasteners is one of the largest available in the UK. Our stainless-steel rivet nut range includes both A2 and A4/316 stainless, available in the following types:

  • Flange, thinsheet/reduced or countersunk head
  • Knurled/serrated, plain or hexagonal body
  • Open or closed end
  • Metric or Imperial hole sizes

Whether you’re securing one material to another or you’re constructing something bigger, we can deliver our rivet nuts to you promptly.

We are tasked with providing blind rivet nuts that are stainless-steel because of their durability in adverse conditions. Stainless-steel rivet nuts, also known in the trade as nutserts or rivnuts, are perfect for a wide spectrum of jobs because they are extremely resistant to corrosion and more cosmetically pleasing than other finishes.

Our huge UK stock of stainless-steel rivet nuts is awaiting your order. Home to a variety of sizes and shapes to befit the unique needs of your company or particular job, you can be sure of finding everything you need to create a durable and professional looking construction.

Our team at Normandy Fasteners can quickly and efficiently provide you with the solution that you need. To this effect we can offer fast international shipping and next day delivery to UK mainland.

Find out more about us by speaking to us today.