Discover Our Full Range Of Blind Rivet Nuts

For all your automotive ‘make-overs’ or large scale manufacturing needs, the team to call upon is Normandy Fasteners. With a long history of experience in providing top-quality and affordable nuts, bolts and many more fasteners for our customers, we’re trusted throughout the UK and abroad.

If you’re after blind rivet nuts in a wide range of sizes and shapes, we can help guide you to the perfect product to suit your requirement. Since their creation in 1930, blind rivet nuts – also known as rivet nuts, Nutserts, Rivnuts, Sheet nuts to name a few titles – have been used for many applications, including constructing parts for the energy, marine and aviation industry. The importance of these strong and durable rivet nuts is shown in their retained popularity.

Our huge selection of blind rivet nuts at Normandy Fasteners covers types, such as:

  • Steel Zinc Plated, A2 / A4 / 316 Stainless Steel, Aluminium Body materials
  • Round or Hexagonal body styles to fit in round or hex holes
  • Flange head or flat head, Reduced or low-profile head, countersunk head forms
  • Open or closed (sealed end) body style, again in either a round or hex body rivet nut
  • Long grip types for thicker materials
  • Metric and imperial hole sizes and threads

As one of the best fastener distributors in the area, we provide an unmatched service. Whether you’re after blind rivet nuts, bolts, rivet nut hand tools or air tools, we have the solution for you.

To find out more about our service and how we can keep you stocked up with the best, most applicable blind rivet nuts for your jobs, speak to one of our team today.