Discover Our Stainless-Steel Clinch Fasteners

If you’re looking for strong, durable, precision manufactured fastenings for a wide range of applications, then Normandy Fasteners is the perfect place to start. Our burgeoning selection of stainless steel clinch fasteners can even be made to order for a specific job and delivered exactly where and when you want them.

The importance of high quality materials when you’re constructing anything is shown in its longevity. By choosing to purchase stainless steel clinch fasteners from Normandy, you will have a huge variety to choose from that will be ideal for your specific application.

Not only is our range available for order across the UK, but we’re also passionate about our delivery service. We pride ourselves on a guaranteed next day delivery for stock items ordered by 4:00pm, shipping to all locations throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Our range of stainless steel clinch fasteners includes items such as: flush head studs, slotted panel screws, standard, blind, flush and floating clinch nuts, blind and through hole standoffs, heavy duty clinch studs, FH4 hard stainless studs and SP4 nuts for pressing into stainless; to name but a few. All our products are made with quality at the forefront and our use of the best corrosion resistant materials makes this possible.

Besides our range of clinch fasteners, you can also discover our vast selection of products to suit all your fastening needs. To order a standard item or create a bespoke part for your job, get in contact with us today.