Discover The Range Of Options We Provide For Blind Rivet Nuts

The evolution of riveting has brought along with it the advent of different types of fastener to cope with the growing diversity of applications. From round and hex shaped bodies in a variety of materials and thread sizes it’s important that you find a supplier that can provide you with everything you need.

At Normandy Fasteners we’re constantly looking to develop our range of blind rivet nuts for our customer base and ensure they have everything they need. To ensure we do this our selection has to include popular items as well as the ability to produce bespoke and non-standard items: this is exactly what we do.

For all your blind rivet nut needs, we’ll be able to help identify, collate and deliver the quantity, size and style that you need straight to your premises. Blind rivet nuts are vitally important in performing a wide range of tasks from assembling electronic stations, interiors, medical equipment, automobiles and in the creation of vast array of products.

To cope with the demands placed on the industry our team at Normandy Fasteners are constantly looking to evolve and adapt our products. Whether you’re after a large quantity of a standard item or a batch of bespoke blind rivet nuts, we can help you.

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