Take A Look At Two Of Our Rivet Pneumatic Tools

To streamline all your fastening methods, it’s important that you choose the best equipment from the most trusted brands and suppliers. At Normandy Fasteners we have a vast range of rivet pneumatic tools that will instantly give you quality and speed straight out of the box.

We stock and deliver pneumatic rivet air tools to individuals and companies across the UK to meet the demands placed on riveting, cutting and crimping. Put your trust in our team to provide you with a pneumatic rivet tool that will speed up your riveting and enable you to focus more on accuracy. All our rivet pneumatic tools come with an easy-to-use trigger for simple and effective usage.

Here are two of our rivet pneumatic tools for you to take a closer look at:

  • Included in our workshop range are two fantastic tools that are durable and incredibly reliable. The M7- Model PA301 has a traction power of 3.1 KN and tool stroke of 16mm. As for our M7- Model PA201, this weighs in at 1.8KG and has a tool stroke of 14mm
  • Included in the industrial range are two pneumatic riveters that are perfect for those looking for maximum productivity. The Model AirPower 1 has a tool stroke of 17mm and traction power of 7.2KN. As for our Model AirPower 2, this sets 3.2mm with optional nose and has a traction power of 12.5KN.

Discover more about our rivet pneumatic tools and how they can help you by getting in contact with us.