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Airpower AP4 Production Rivet Nut Tool

The Airpower AP4 is a compact and very ergonomic production rivet nut tool designed for fast and precise installation of blind rivet nuts from M3 to M12. The composite body reduces the weight of the tool for operator comfort. Interchanging between thread sizes is fast and simple with the quick release mandrel system and highly visible stroke scale.

This is a ‘spin-pull’ tool so with gentle pressure on the threaded mandrel the tool motors forwards to spin the rivet nut on. One pull of the trigger then causes the tool to set the rivet nut with a hydraulic pulling force and then to reverse out of the rivet nut completely. The ‘spin-pull’ process is optimal for setting rivet nuts in all body materials.


* Fast loading of insert with powered spin on

* Single trigger pull for setting and spin off

* Simple stroke adjustment with visible scale

* Lightweight and comfortable to use

* Can be used with tool balancer

* Integral swivel whip hose connector which can be positioned to suit operator

* Supplied with M4, M5, M6 and M8 noses as standard. M3, M10 and M12 optional extras.


Airpower AP4 Specifications
Capacity M3 - M12 Rivet Nuts
Weight 1.65 KG
Dimensions 270 x 285 x 99 mm
Tool Stroke 7 mm
Traction Power 18.5kN at 6 bar