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CD Studwelders

Compact stud welding units with microprocessor control and latest solid state technology.

Clear LED display with dial down DC voltage setting for easy control.

Very sturdy construction for workshop or site use.

Rugged, ergonomic contact gun designed for maximum productivity.

Optional accessories are available including 20 / 26 / 30mm template tubes, offset chuck adaptor for welding close to return flanges and corners, extension kit for welding long studs.

For welding of aluminium CD fasteners the Type 75 studwelder with a gap or lift gun is recommended.

Specifications Type 65 Type 99 Type 75
Welding Range M3-M8 M3-M10 M3-M8
Material Steel & Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel, Stainless, Aluminium
Welding Process Contact Contact Gap or Lift
Capacitance 66,000uF 99,000uF 66,000uF
Charging Voltage 40V-200V 40V-200V 40V-200V
Weld Time 0.002-0.007 sec 0.002-0.008 sec 0.001-0.003 sec
Output Power 1320 Ws 1980 Ws 1320 Ws
Mains Supply 230V 230V 230V
Size / mm 165 x 250 x 380 165 x 250 x 380 195 x 260 x 400
Weight 14 KG 16 KG 11KG

Studwelders can be converted to 110V if required