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Model MS865 Production Rivet Nut Tool

This model MS865 pneumatic production rivet nut tool is suitable for setting rivet nuts from M4 to M12 in all materials. It features good ergonomic design, a simple pressure-control system and quick-change mandrels for convenient and speedy operation.

The MS865 provides an economical and versatile option for fast-paced rivet nut installation and is especially suited in applications where rivet nuts are being installed in several different thickness materials in succession. The integral control situated in the base of the tool regulates the force which the rivet nut is pulled up, with a single knob to increase or decrease this.



* Fast loading of insert with powered spin on

* Single trigger pull for rivet nut set and spin out

* Gauge and knob in base of tool to set rivet nut installation pull-force

* Quick change mandrels

* Supplied with M4, M5, M6 and M8 noses as standard, M10 & M12 optional extras.

* Adaptors for setting rivet bolts also available

Model MS865 Specifications
Capacity M4 - M12 Rivet Nuts
Weight 2.0 KG
Dimensions 270 x 270 x 125mm
Tool Stroke 8mm
Traction Power 23kN at 6 bar

Dimensions in mm