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Model N12XL Cordless Rivet Nut Tool

The Model N12XL Cordless Battery Rivet Nut Tool is capable of installing steel, stainless steel and aluminium rivet nuts in thread sizes from M3 – M12 .

The powerful brushless motor and 20v/2.0Ah battery provides the capacity to set up to 1,200 M6 rivet nuts on a single charge. Stroke length is set using the digital panel on the rear which also counts the number of rivet nuts installed. The operator will benefit from the workpiece spot light and comfortable grip while the single trigger operation provides a fast and efficient cycle time. M4 – M12 nose assemblies are included, M3 is available as optional addition if required.

  • Includes 2 x 20v 2.0Ah batteries, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 noses and fast charger in carry case.
  • Automatic spin-on when rivet nut is pressed against screw mandrel.
  • Single trigger pull initiates rivet nut setting and spin-off.
  • Quick-release mandrel system
  • Digital stroke length control up to 10mm


Capacity M3 - M12 All Rivet Nut Materials
Weight 2.1Kg Including Battery
Tool Stroke up to 10mm, digital adjustment in 0.1mm increments
Setting Force 25 kN

Dimensions in mm