Two Of The Finest Pneumatic Rivet Guns On The Market

Make sure your installation of rivet nuts is as quick and efficient as possible by purchasing a top-quality rivet gun. At Normandy Fasteners, we offer the best rivet guns from across the UK to enhance your production facility.

Our selection of pneumatic rivet guns will provide you with fast and precise rivet nut installation while giving you both ergonomic features for operator comfort and the ease of pneumatic power. Not only do we provide pneumatic rivet guns but a vast array of rivet nuts and rivet bolts to complement them.

Here’s two of our pneumatic rivet guns that could save you time instantly:

  • Airpower AP4 Production Rivet Nut Tool: Using a highly-developed ‘spin and pull’ method, the Airpower rivet nut tool will allow you to simply and precisely adjust the stroke for each material and size you are using. This, combined with its lightweight and comfortable composite body make it the ideal choice for your rivet nut installers.
  • Gripmor 742-S Production Rivet Nut Tool: The very fast and powerful air motor and sturdy body already puts it ahead of the competition. The Gripmor gives you the perfect equilibrium between accuracy and pace; ensuring you are most productive in every task you complete all day long.

Choose Normandy Fasteners for all your rivet nuts, bolts and pneumatic air gun needs. To get the best advice then speak to our team today.