5 top tips to help you choose your new rivet nut tool!

1. Take into account the size(s) of rivet nuts you are most likely to be using from the range M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12
2. Consider how many rivet nuts you might install over the expected life of the tool, then use our guide cycle times below to work out the total installation time. This may help you settle on which type of tool suits best.

Approx. installation time per rivet nut, from our in-house trials!

Plier or Lever Arm Type Tool                                          19 seconds

Lever Arm Tool with Quick-Spin Spindle                     13 seconds

Cordless Tool                                                                       12 seconds

Spin-Spin Type Pneumatic Tool                                     12 seconds

Spin-Pull Type Pneumatic Production Tool                7 seconds

3. Will you be using stainless steel rivet nuts? In our experience stainless rivet nuts install much better with a ‘pull action’ (therefore avoid tools with spin-spin action)

4. Do you have any access constraints? If so, check the tool dimensions and/or arrange a demo or trial first.

Check that the supplier of your preferred tool offer spares and service for ongoing support if required.