7 design advantages of rivet bushes

1. You can use 303 or 316 grade stainless rivet bushes in stainless sheet and brass rivet bushes in matching brass sheet material.  This is possible because rivet bushes do not need to be harder than the sheet material for successful installation (unlike self-clinch fasteners!)

2. As rivet bushes are secured by swaging the spigot over in and around the hole in the sheet material, they can be used in materials which are too thin for self clinch fasteners. For example M6 rivet bushes in 1.0mm sheet and M8 bushes in 1.2mm sheet, which is thinner than is suitable for standard self clinch nuts.

3. Rivet bushes are a great design choice for unusual threads such as BA, BSP, BSW, BSF and also of course the American UNC or UNF threads, as they can be quickly produced in relatively small batches in these thread forms.

4. Brass rivet bushes are visually attractive and can be incorporated into decorative products such as lighting very effectively.

5. Rivet bushes are available in 316 marine grade stainless, which self clinch fasteners are not. This marine grade stainless steel has better resistance to aggressive conditions.

6. For waterproof or sealed applications the Tank bushes which have blind threaded holes are available in either standard dimensions, or can be produced with extended body length for greater thread depth and / or optional mini body pattern with reduced diameter where there may be space constraints.

7. Rivet bushes can be offered with a clear hole instead of a thread, providing a permanent fixed spacer of specified length…speeding assembly and eliminating loose hardware and components.

We hope that these points provide helpful ideas and guidance. You can find the complete range of standard rivet bush products here https://www.normandyfasteners.co.uk/category/rivet-bushes/  . Please do contact us if you are looking at a special design, we’d love to assist with this too.