Selecting the correct gauge size when ordering rivet bushes can sometimes seem confusing – so we have created a handy chart you can download from the link below! Download the handy Gauge to mm Conversion Chart here This chart also shows the correct hole size and body size for the round, hex and mini pattern rivet bushes. If you need a rivet bush with some non standard dimension or other special features such as a fine pitch thread, a UNC or BSP thread, clear through hole (no thread) or special body length (standoff) – then these can be manufactured too.

The answer is maybe but not necessarily. (So a little confusing!) The ‘blind’ in ‘blind rivet nut’ refers to the way this product is installed from one side only into ‘blind holes’ as into tube or box sections. It doesn’t relate to the body style. So a great tip to clarify on this, is to ask the customer requesting ‘blind rivet nuts’ if they need an ‘open’ or ‘closed end’ body style…?

A4 or 316 grade stainless clinch fasteners are not readily available for the simple reason that you can’t reliably install a 316 grade clinch fastener into the same 316 grade sheet material. A clinching fastener must be harder than the sheet material to clinch in and work effectively. So what are the alternatives? If it is an internal threaded nut you require, then both 316 stainless round RIVET BUSHES and 316 stainless BLIND RIVET NUTS are readily available from our stock. 316 stainless rivet bush STANDOFFS can also be supplied on short lead times with typical MOQ of 500 –…