The best alternatives to A4 or 316 Stainless Clinch Fasteners

A4 or 316 grade stainless clinch fasteners are not readily available for the simple reason that you can’t reliably install a 316 grade clinch fastener into the same 316 grade sheet material. A clinching fastener must be harder than the sheet material to clinch in and work effectively.

So what are the alternatives?

If it is an internal threaded bush or nut you require, then both 316 stainless round RIVET BUSHES and 316 stainless BLIND RIVET NUTS are readily available from our stock. 316 stainless rivet bush STANDOFFS can also be supplied on short lead times with MOQ 500-2000 pcs depending on the size.

See for the rivet bushes or here for the A4 stainless rivet nuts: .

Stud options in 316 stainless are more limited but many sizes of 316 stainless CD WELD STUDS are available and can be used in place of clinch studs providing no hole has already been punched, see Designers please take note!